Paulette Heller

“My condo renovations with Janzen Builders.

From the day I met with Cory regarding my renovation dreams and wishes for my condo, it became an exciting and positive experience. Thank you, Cory, for your ideas and the changes you convinced me to make.

The staff that worked on my Condo arrived at 7:30 am and worked hard all day, leaving around 6 pm. When they left for the evening, they would tell me what they had worked on that day and what their plans were for the next day. The floors were always swept and the garbage was removed. They did a wonderful job.

I stayed on the ground floor of the condo during the reno.

The men were very respectful of my space and I was there if they had any questions.

Sarah, what can I say about her, a gem to work with. She was very helpful and the go between for me and the sub trades. I would come up with an idea or she would, and she would do all the research. Saved me lots of running around and time. She would text me every day sometimes 2 or 3 times to keep me informed regarding the progress of the reno and who was going to be working and the time they would be at the condo. She helped me so much it made the experience fun and run smoothly.

Thank you, Cory, your family, and your employees for a job well done. I love my condo.

Thanks to the sub trades, Berger’s Plumbing, Creative Flooring, Moritz Masonry, Electric Company, and Hieberts Cabinets.”